Butch Annie's was born from a passion for two of life's great satisfiers... burgers and beers. But to make a great burger, the product has to be great.



Such is our passion, we use prime cuts of sirloin, fillet and ribeye from the finest pedigree, traditionally reared herds, which is dry-aged for 28 days to allow the rich flavours to develop.



We pay no less attention to our craft beers, serving a select range of small-scale lagers and ales. We'll generally cover all bases with eight on tap at all times - ranging from crisp pilsners, hoppy pale ales and fruity tongue-tingling IPA's to modern silky browns and funky stouts.

Wash down your burger with a delicious craft beer, natural wine, or bourbon in vibrant surroundings, and you start to get the picture.


Uncomplicated, Flavoursome & Hopelessly Satisfying!



If you would like to join the Butch Annie's team, click HERE to send us your CV.