First and foremost Butch is a place for everyone... and a warm welcome is guaranteed.

So, why do we exist? The answer is simple. Butch Annie’s was born from a passion for two of life’s great satisfiers... burgers and beers. But as we all know, to make a great burger the beef has to be great. This is where our search began. To find the best beef possible. In Scotland we found the answer.


Supplied by Scotland’s best butcher and holder of the Royal Warrant, we use prime cuts of sirloin, fillet and ribeye sourced from only the finest pedigree, small-scale herds which are naturally reared on a diet of fresh green grass. Our beef is then dry-aged for 28 days to allow the rich flavours to develop.

New to Butch

Such is the demand for our beef, we’ve added two great options to our menu of eight burgers... FLAT IRON STEAK and PRIME FILLET STEAK SKEWERS, sourced from the same pedigree herds and dry-aged for 28 days by the same award-winning butcher for optimum flavour. Supremely tender, lean and juicy, both are served with Butch’s secret steak sauce.


We pay no less attention to our craft beers, serving a select range of small-scale lagers and ales. We’ll generally cover all bases with eight on tap at all times, ranging from crisp pilsners, hoppy pale ales and fruity tongue-tingling IPA’s to modern silky browns, stouts & porters.

In addition to tap beers, there are wines, an ever-changing menu of funky cocktails & mocktails, gin tonics and bourbons together with a range of deliciously smooth ThickShakes and soft drinks.

We’re here for whatever grabs your fancy... whether it’s a quick bite in between retail therapy, something more restful or a sociable night out with friends to enjoy the bar. Your call!

Uncomplicated, Flavoursome & Hopelessly Satisfying!

* We can accommodate groups of up to 50 and if required, the entire restaurant can be hired for up to 100 guests - available Sunday to Thursday.


If you would like to join the Butch Annie's team, click HERE to send us your CV.